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This text is open to be made multiple times by multiple persons. It is however a very dangerous mission, not everyone is cut out for spy work.

Infiltrate the black faction
Suitable factions: Any

The black faction is planning a revolution, and you are sent to spy
You job is to join the black faction in order to find out how big they are, how they are organized and where they are hiding.

Your quest:
Infiltrate the black faction and gain their trust.

Optional tracks:
Why me?
For some reason the higher ups have picked you as their spy. There is something in your backstory that you can use as a reason to join the black faction, yet the society trust you not to turn on them. Or do they?


The leader of the black faction is very charismatic. And he does have a point...

You are forced to do something that go against your ideals to prove you are loyal to your new faction.

Contact information
How do you safely rely information back to your contact in the society?

Places of interest:
This is a shifter only community far to the north, sometimes referred to as the metropole of ice and isolation. It’s the place where the Back shifters focus their recruitment efforts, as many dissatisfied weaker shifters live here.

Optional Characters:

Element: Anti matter
Animal: Komodo dragon
Faction: Black
Duties: Recruiting, second in command
Short description: Reptile looks and forceful personality.

Element: Black holes
Animal: Jackal
Faction: Black
Duties: Leader
Short description: Well spoken and charming.

Element: Wormhole
Animal: Red panda
Faction: Black
Duties: No one really knows, (not even herself)
Short description: Doubtful person, she will question you. Seems pretty loyal to the factions causes though.

Element: Dark matter
Animal: Striped polecat
Faction: Black
Duties: Spy
Short description: Awkward around people

Character reactions:
You are pretty sure you’d get murdered if someone found out...

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